The Winds of Change

Hey everyone I'm Bri the new owner of Diaper Rite
Some of you may know me from Pannolino Bambino MCN! Ellen has been my mentor for over 3 years now. I first met her when she ran Diaper Junction which was my favorite cloth retailer at the time. I fell in love with the Diaper Rite brand when my son outgrew practically everything. The Diaper Rite AIO saved our cloth journey and I have a very special place in my heart for it!
I’m a very passionate cloth diaper advocate and strive to make reusable realistic and accessible to every family. With this in mind, Diaper Rite will be becoming even more affordable than it already was. We will see a reemergence of the Diaper Junction brand featured in our Affordable Cloth Diaper Kits that will be made available on Amazon.
I have big dreams for Diaper Rite and I am honored to become a part of Diaper Rite’s story! I look forward to this adventure and bringing you the Rite Diaper!
If you have any questions you can drop them below and I’ll answer them right away.
Checkout some information on some new Diaper Rite prints!