Diaper Rite Preorder Information

Here's the deal with the new Diaper Rite Preorder

There are only 10 of each print available. The rest are allocated for our retailers if they so choose to carry these prints. 

These are expected to ship to you by November 15th but could be as early as October 28th.  If they do not ship to you by October 28th, you are entitled to a full refund if requested per the guidelines of the FTC. 

The following prints are available for preorder:

My Friend Pam - a Sunflower print with a black background and matching yellow snaps

Honeybee - a Honeybee print with honeycombs on a periwinkle background with matching yellow snaps

Tundra - a Polar Bear print with mountains on an icy green blue background with matching light gray snaps

Silver Dollar - a Eucalyptus print with silver dollar eucalyptus on a white background with matching white snaps

Treblemaker - a Music Note print with various notes in black with a splash of color behind each of them that coordinate with a few of our solid color offerings, snaps are black.

Seastone - an abstract watercolor print reminiscent of sea glass with blues, greens, yellows, on a white background with yellow snaps.

Aquarelle - a watercolor print with various colors and seafoam snaps.

Cretaceous - a Dinosaur print with various dinosaurs and words like TREX on a dark brown background with green coordinating snaps. 

Shipping to you window September 30th through October 28th.
This means that your order could ship as soon as September 30th or as late as October 28th.  If your order fails to ship by October 28th, per the guidelines set forth by the FTC you are entitled to request a full refund for your order. 

If you have any questions about an order or anything we can help with please contact hello@diaperrite.com