About Our Company

Diaper Junction, an early ecommerce shop, originated in North Carolina in 2007.  In 2009, Diaper Junction was acquired by Soft Cloth Bunz of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Soft Cloth Bunz was founded in 2002 by Bryana the creator of Diaper Junction and Diaper Rite brands.  In 2009, Diaper Rite launched with a mission to bring affordable cloth diapers to the industry.  Over the next decade, there would be an evolution in the product range leading to the products we know and love.  In 2018, after being a long time employee of Diaper Junction, Ellen Day acquired Diaper Junction and Diaper Rite.  Ellen continued to provide affordable, quality products.  She introduced an affordable alternative to stretchy flats to in 2021 with the introduction of the bamboo terry flats.  In 2022, after being a long time supporter of both Diaper Junction and Diaper Rite, I (Bri), had the opportunity to acquire both Diaper Junction and Diaper Rite brands.  In August of 2022, we moved Diaper Rite to it's new home in Cleveland, Ohio.  We plan to re-open Diaper Junction and eventually establish a brick and mortar location in the future. Diaper Junction brand nappies will appear on Amazon exclusively next year.   
The future is bright for Diaper Rite and we cannot wait to take this journey with you!