Inexpensive cloth diapering with prefold diapers Please excuse our dust while we remodel - Thank you!

Diaper Rite Prefold Cloth Diapers- Cotton Cloth Diaper Prefolds, often referred to as DSQ (Diaper Service Quality)cloth diaper Prefolds, are thicker and more absorbent than store-bought cotton cloth diaper prefolds. You’ll use these wonderful cotton cloth diapers as burp cloths and changing pads.

Available in both white and natural/unbleached cotton, Diaper Rite cloth diaper prefolds are sewn in panels of varying thicknesses with the thickest layers being right down the center, where your baby needs it most!

Cotton Prefolds that are soooo soft! The RIGHT size for your baby! Diaper Rite Prefolds brought to you by..... Diaper Junction